#TodaysTeaWithJos: Herbs for your Circulatory System.

#TodaysTeaWithJos: Herbs for your Circulatory System. - We Are Jersey

The Circulatory System is the connector of all other systems in our body. It is our bodies "Transportation System". Think of a car, you could buy a brand new car, if you put in the wrong type of oil, bad oil, or don't change your oil, it may breakdown your whole car no matter how (old or new) it is. If our blood is in perfect condition but the supply of our blood to the organs isn't in good condition, it will create problems.

The disease of any organ can be simplified to two things:

  1. The organ is not being properly supplied with blood.

  2. The waste the organ produces is not being drained well enough.

The best way to make sure we are taking care of our heart and blood vessels, is to be preventative. At the point you are experiencing symptoms, something has already broken down and the dis-ease is rampant. Your body is able to handle so much and it has fought as hard as it can for you. When a part of your body breaks down and it cant fight anymore, symptoms appear. Here i will discuss 4 herbs to help prevent circulatory issues and/or heal disease in your circulatory symptom.

  1. Lily Of The Valley: This herb is a tonic for the heart. A tonic is a strengthener; it invigorates, restores, refreshes or stimulates an organ. Lily of the Valley will help to strengthen an aging heart or prevent Angina. Angina is a condition where you experience sharp pains in the chest, shoulders, arms, and neck caused by insufficient blood supply to the heart.

  2. Hawthorn: This herb is used for helping the blood vessels heal. Hawthorn is great for people who are suffering with high blood pressure, heart failure, and leg swelling to due to stagnant blood in the veins.

  3. Dandelion: This is the ultimate diuretic. Due to circulatory issues, the body needs help removing water from the body which Dandelion will help with. This is because the kidneys are not working properly to to inadequate blood supply.

  4. Motherwort: This is a nervine herb. Stress and anxiety can lead to many diseases, including circulatory issues! Motherwort can help alleviate rapid or irregular heart beating due to stress on the body. As a nervine is will help your whole body relax, including your blood vessels, causing them to not be restricted and open up more creating better blood flow to your organs.

As always, please consult your doctor, especially if you are already on other medication(s). I am not a licensed medical professional. I am a holistic herbalist teaching the ancient and proven wisdom of nature.

I pray for your healing and send gratitude out to the universe in advance for these herbs getting to the root of our ailments and making room for new, fruitful health.

With Love, Joscelyn Lewis

Founder of FLOW Teas, For Lovers Of Wisdom
I do have herbs for sale and can help you make a unique herbal medicine path for you.
For inquiries on your herbal journey and healing I can be reached at: FORLOVERSOFWISDOM@GMAIL.COM
Thank you.

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