Who is Sore Winner?: Club 27 Born Anew

Who is Sore Winner?: Club 27 Born Anew
Sore Winner is a band comprising six unique individuals passionate about music. Despite their differences, they work in perfect harmony to create a diverse and captivating sound. Their music reflects varied influences, blending different genres to create a truly original style that defies categorization, and you can follow them on social media here!
Sore Winner Live at The Grotto for the Quadruple Release Show
Initially forming Club 27 in the quaint town of Florence, NJ, back in 2015, they found each other through a mutual passion for creating and performing music. The journey led them to evolve and spread out, but the cosmic forces pulled them back together in 2020, giving birth to the phoenix, now Sore Winner. Going on to perform with legendary local acts like Swansun.

Artistic Influences & Inspirations

The band's music is influenced by various artists, including Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Title Fight, Steely Dan, Daft Punk, and Queen. They draw inspiration from diverse musical styles and are not restricted to any particular genre. Their sound is unpredictable and dynamic, as they aim to keep their musical palette rich and varied.
Expect an atmosphere saturated with good vibes and infectious energy at a Sore Winner show. Whether on stage, in the practice room, or goofing off during downtime, their priority is to ensure everyone has a good time. They bring our A-game to every performance, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and memories of those who join them for the ride.
The members of Sore Winner, image via @sorewinnerband

Most Memorable Gigs

As Sore Winner, they are still crafting their story, but the roots from their Club 27 days offer glimpses of unforgettable moments. Highlights include their first gig with their friends, Hometime, in Harrisburg, PA, where they learned the art of energy. Backyard shows in their hometown and the intimate basement gig at La Pata Fria in Newark, DE, stand out as pivotal experiences, each teaching them valuable lessons about organization, efficiency, and the power of a positive attitude.
Sore Winner’s single, “In and Out”

Featured Projects "Luna" & "In and Out"

Meanwhile, Sore Winner currently boasts two singles, "Luna" and "In and Out". In and Out is a groovy jam with subtle and harmonic melodies, while Luna is a funky alternative bop. Both showcase the power of their ensemble and their musicality. I recommend this band for those looking to expand their musical horizons while experiencing a comforting and warm familiarity. I recommend listening to Club 27, a journey in their extensive catalog. If you're intrigued by their sound, dive into the compilation album "Better Weather" to explore the evolution that paved the way for Sore Winner's emergence. Stay tuned for their debut EP, a sonic voyage to grace the airwaves in late 2023 or early 2024. The phoenix is rising, and the journey is just beginning.
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