This is the print issue of the We Are Jersey Magazine July 2021 Issue Featuring Strong.

We Are Jersey Magazine July 2021 Issue Featuring Strong

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Looking for something to get you through the last few weeks of summer? We've got just the thing. The July 2021 issue of We Are Jersey Magazine is packed with inspiring stories and creative content to keep you entertained. From in-depth features on some of Jersey's most talented individuals to exclusive updates on what's happening in the community, this issue has it all. You'll find features on Avid Feature, Snatched Agency, Alma Rosa, Macc McCray, Primetime, as well as exclusive 2021 updates with Chad Piff, Unicorn, and Scott Paul. This is one magazine you won't want to miss - so be sure to subscribe and share with your friends!

Regardless of where your from, and which county you represent, come and get your fix. Don't forget to subscribe and share as we keep the community and networking going among all the talent you read about.

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