Digital WAJ Magazine: January 2022 featuring UNIIQU3

WAJ Magazine: January 2022 featuring UNIIQU3 (DIGITAL)

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Looking for your dose of next-level Jersey music? Look no further than the January 2022 issue of WAJ Magazine, featuring UNIIQU3. With roots in Newark, NJ, UNIIQU3 has taken the world by storm with her unique take on music. This issue is packed with behind-the-scenes access to her rise to fame, interviews with other industry heavyweights, and more. Don't miss out – get your copy today!


The brand-new issue of WAJ Magazine highlights New Jersey's own Cherise Gary, better known as UNIIQU3. Over the past few years, the exposure and love she’s brought others through playing Jersey Club music has spread far beyond New Jersey, and even North America. As UNIIQU3, aka the Jersey Club Queen, the Newark native has taken the world by storm with her artform.

Inside you can catch the spotlight on choreographers Queen Shay and Justin DeSean, Jennifer Black, Lindsay Barrz, Rodney Coursey, Taz the Creator, and L Bezzle. 


Standard benefits:
- Get insights and inspiration from some of the best in Jersey Club and independent Jersey music artists.
- Learn about the people and culture behind this unique genre of music.

Emotional benefits:
- Discover your new favorite artist or DJ.
- Experience the energy and excitement of Jersey music and Jersey culture firsthand.

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